Why a Living Trust?

A living trust is the least expensive, safest, and private way to distribute your estate. A Living Trust may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 to set up, however, costs after death are minimal (usually under $500).

If a trust is challenged, the challenger bears the initial cost, which many times will discourage Trust contests. Sprinkling trusts to control distributions to children or grandchildren under 30 can be included in your Living Trust to control large distributions to young adults lacking good financial judgment.

With a Will, the initial cost may be less, but the costs increase substantially after death ($4,000 or more). When a probate is filed, all of the information, including the estate assets, are public record, accessible to anyone.

Probate attorney fees are based on the size of your estate. The more your estate is worth, the more the legal fees will be.

  • Wills are no longer the best way to make sure your estate stays in your family